Polaris Cold Storage Warehouse

... between two ocean ...

Polaris Cold Storage is a modern logistic center located in Russian Federation at the border between Europe and Asia. Our service is a frozen food storage services.

Unique geographical location allow Polaris to be the center of distribution and warehouse of choice for many of frozen food professionals, join natural riches of Atlantic and Pacific ocean in the midle of Ural Mountains.

Cold storage facilities and experienced staff allow to storage any of frozen or chilled food Cold store from 625 ́2 up to 30 ́2 for large national producers and importers as well as mobile regional suppliers
Utilization of optimal temperature control from -24ºÑ up to +5ºÑ maintain superior product quality and energy-saving Presence of railroad make facilities rail accessible and allow cross docking service
According to your demand we are ready to provide our service 24/7   Read more about Cold Storage
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