Cold-storage warehouse

Polaris Warehouse has two cold storage facilities with 2100 cubic meter of freezer and cooler space, main office, parking place.

  • Facility A with 800 cubic meter, divided into 200, 200, 400 cubic meter of freezer space
  • Facility B with 400 cubic meter, divided into 35, 50 cubic meter of freezer or cooler space
  • Each facility has been designed with the newest refrigeration components and has complete redundancy in key refrigeration components
  • Utilization of optimal temperature control from -24ºÑ up to +5ºÑ maintain superior product quality and energy-saving
  • Experienced staff committed to a high level of service
  • According to your demand we are ready to provide our service 24/7
  • Easy access and no wait for pickup and deliveries
  • Presence of railroad make facilities rail accessible and allow cross docking service
  • Security system to monitor warehouse for unauthorized entry
  • Office for rent to customers of most volume levels—small to large (with telefon, Internet etc.)
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